There are two types of ripple effects for everything you do.

One you can see now and one that you can feel later in life.

Things you can see and feel now like the soreness in your muscle after hitting the gym, the dopamine hit of a new thing you’re starting… These are important to keep you going in the short term and to motivate you on a daily basis.

But most of us forget about the second ripple effect.

It happens all the time but you’re not able to see it immediately.

As you do the things that give you the temporary high and you see the impact right away, you’re going to hit a plateau. The results you see daily will no longer give you the same excitement.

That’s when most of us drop off, whether it’s a diet, whether it’s the workout, whether it’s the business has plateaued…

But, remember that everything from day one, has a second, equally important ripple effect.

The impact of this second ripple effect won’t be seen or felt right away but rather much later in life. It’s invisible but it’s happening.

And this is when, 6, 8 or 12 months down the line, one day, you’re like: “Oh, I got abs! Of course, I’ve been hitting the gym every day.”

Or you turn the corner and then business starts to pick up because you’ve invested enough to get there.

Or your relationship, all of a sudden ia closer and tighter because you’ve done the hard work.

So many of us miss out on the long-term feeling of this ripple effect by settling for the short-term.

Be patient and do the right thing even though you don’t see immediate results. They will come eventually. ?

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