Taking Risks Is The Job!

There will come a time in every entrepreneur’s journey when you are put in a position to make a decision, and you don’t have experience, data or background knowledge to make the call. You will spend time seeking advice from others, reading books, watching Youtube or listening to podcasts for any advice – but none will tell you what to do – YOU HAVE TO MAKE A DECISION FROM YOUR GUT – some call it ‘INTIUTION’ – but it is on you!

Let’s break this down.

This is a HUGE learning moment, so DO NOT shy away from it or push it off.  One of the gifts of being your own boss is the gift of DISCOMFORT. Moments like these push you to be uncomfortable – when you can’t see the outcome of your actions, you naturally move into fear or decision paralyzes – happen to the best of us.

So much of the daily hustle is like a complex, never-ending chess match – you have to make a move but also look ahead for the next two moves. When you can’t see the moves ahead of you, how do you continue?

When you have to decide with limited data, you are LIVING in YOUR purpose. You know why you started and the impact you want to make in the world. You know it will fall but you have the strength to recover and GET UP!

You get to train your gut to start paying attention to the emotions driving your fears. It is not real. Where is coming from? Why are you listening to it? Who’s voice is it? – I can guarantee that it is NOT your voice! This is a learning moment. You are learning to accept responsibilities for outcomes that are not in your control. You are about to take responsibility for the consequences of your decisions – whatever they might be. You are becoming a leader!

You must remind yourself that no matter what happens, you WILL make this decision and whatever happens, you will accept the results. This is THE HARDEST lesson first-time entrepreneurs to really grasp! – The real growth comes from being uncomfortable and uncomfortable means you got to learn how to live with the consequences of your decisions.

This is one of the greatest lessons of ever learned in my journey.

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