Sharing Your Codes – What Are You Codes?

I’ve always felt the need to share the code. What is the code or the codes? They are the lessons that have helped you achieve your success to date. None of us can do anything alone, and for some of us who are more comfortable taking risks in life, the point of taking those risks is to be able to learn the lessons, blueprint the process and then share it with people who might not have the same level of risk-taking as you.

I was always an entrepreneur! I don’t even know what the word meant, but I did realize that I was not going to work for somebody for most of my life. I did not have the desire to go after a 9 to 5 job. This meant I had to learn how to take the correct number of risks at the right age and watch and learn from as many other successful entrepreneurs as I could.

And the codes that I’m talking about in my life? They are my successes in building businesses AND my failures in companies – my failures in being a DJ, club promoter! I am also sharing my successes in building DESIFEST, my festival – throwing Canada’s largest outdoor music festival.

So all of these life lessons need to be packaged up – to be shared, and all of it has to be documented for the next generation.

We are surrounded by people that have big dreams AND big aspirations but might not have the same level of risk tolerance as I did. But if you’re willing to take on the scars and if you’re ready to put your discomfort out there and get some fantastic lessons out of it – ¬†you have to be able to share the codes.

Video Transcript:

A lot of my career is like man, why me? Like, how did I get here? And I know you’ve questioned and I’m sure you have as well, but the key is, is because I think the universe puts us in this position because they because it knows that we are going to give back. It knows that we are going to take our experiences and share the codes with our other brothers and sisters. And that’s the reason why, you know, maybe somebody else might not have wanted to share the codes and, you know, that in the music industry, where you see some people doing well, other people not Not and it’s only until you start feeling lucky that someone pulls you to the side and gives you the code. Why should we feel lucky that our brother or sister sharing the code? That’s something wrong with the culture. Do you know what I’m saying? So for me, I know it’s my duty. I know, I’m not just having these experiences, because of my own glorification on my own enjoyment. It’s because I meant to share the codes.

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