Revenue isn’t the only measurement

Don’t get caught up in the revenue race too early and ignore all the other KPIs that you would continue to monitor. I use the following KPIs to keep aligned with my growth goals.

My edutech startup @schoolio is about to finish our first year in the market. We had some ambitions goals to start the year in Jan,

  1. Double our revenue from 2020 (less than 100k)
  2. Grow our customer base (less than 500)
  3. Grow our advocate community
  4. Break into the US market
  5. Retain staff
  6. Raise seed round (250k)

And as I reflect on this list, the two that I am most proud of our #3 and #6 ❤️ – Here is where we stand as of mid-December,

  1. 2021 is over 300k
  2. 2500+ customers
  3. Grow our advocate community – the attached image is one of the 100s of supporters
  4. Waiting on the first US sale – we have an opt-in list of 200+ and growing
  5. Retain staff – the core team is still together
  6. Raise seed round (250k) – thanks to Virtus Capital Management 

I am realizing in B2C that you can’t always predict WHEN the sale is going to happen, but if you focus on adding value and building the community around your brand – as soon as they are ready to purchase, you are the ONLY consideration! – that for me is the KPI that is important!

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