opportunities in chaos ⛳️

There’s a lot of people who think there are opportunities in chaos. I would like to share another alternative to consider.⁠

While it is true in some situations like the pandemic making a ton of businesses launch and NFTs and Metaverse and crypto is turning some chaos into opportunities for some of us – Within chaos is also an alert system. ⁠

Think of it as the yellow light. It’s a reminder that something is not right. Chaos can be a hint that something might be wrong and you need to pay attention to your body or mind.⁠

The longer you ignore it, the worse the problem becomes. It could be health, business, relationships – something is off and I bet you can also feel it!⁠

Look at the chaos in your life and look for where the trigger points might be. Are you nervous about your job or startup? Is it money concerns? Maybe you are not focused and feeling low in energy?⁠

Where are these alerts coming from and what are you not seeing?⁠

This is very important for building a healthy mindset. When you get into these issues and stop always chasing the dollar, looking for the opportunity to find a way to make another buck, listen to what the trigger is telling you and fix the issues that are going to get you further in life.⁠

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