New things, opportunities and ideas come from being curious. ?⁠

New things, opportunities and ideas come from being curious. ?⁠

It’s December, the most beautiful time of the year but also the time to reflect and think about the future. ⁠

I’ve been thinking about what are some of the things I want to work on for next year. How can we evolve our music festival, how can building bigger opportunities for musicians using technology, how can reach more parents and students with Schoolio? ⁠

School teaches us to focus so much on hard skills and soft skills, but the greatest, the greatest skill that I’ve been able to develop over the last 20 years of being an entrepreneur is curiosity. ?⁠

I see new ideas through books and podcasts and new ventures through Bala Group, because I am curious about human development, mental health and how the world is changing all around us.⁠

The seed for all these is curiosity. And the more curious I am, the more I grow, the more opportunities I find, the more financial success I have.⁠

If you feel like you’re out of passion, if you feel like you’re lost, start with the list of things you’re curious about, and then continue to build on that list until you get to a place of an idea that can spark your passion.⁠

What helps you think of new ideas? Let me know in the comments. ?⁠

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