My IG account got hacked – Part 2

I tried a ton of different ideas to get my account back, (click here for Part 1)
  1. Tried to be the nice guy with the hacker
  2. Looked on Fivvr for hackers to help me hack my account* more on this on a different blog
  3. Used the IG facial recognition tool
  4. Finally, I decided to email them the full details,

and about 4 hours later, BOOM, I got my account back!

A few lessons and a sad truth,
  1. Do not panic – that is what they want you to do and they feed off of the sense of urgency to try and extort money for your account. Connect with IG and let them help you.
  2. If possible, post on other networks of your hack so your friends and family will know to block or ignore you
  3. DO NOT hire other hackers. I found two suppliers on Fivvr and both wanted to help and then got real shady with Paypal money request or bitcoin – I said no to both
  4. If you have a business account or this is your profession, update your website to email blast your customers of the hack so they don’t fall for the trap

Finally, more than the potential loss of the account and my pictures and content, what I really lost is in the trust of meeting new people! Every new DM will be a hacker in my mind – to connect with me, it will be much harder and will involve more scrutiny!  


On Thursday evening, I got 4 emails from Instagram confirming that my account details have changed .. (Attached emails screenshot)

Account name: @sats.b  and is now changed to @sats.b.3
I also have linked account @desifestmusic and the hacker message me there demanding 1000.00 in bitcoin to release my account (screenshots)
I have tried to use the IG facial recognition tool at least 8 times and it continues to fail. I disconnected IG from my business page so that they do not run ads on my account.
Since last nite, my account has reached out to 1000s of my connections with requests for emails and phone numbers pretending to be me.




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