Keep hitting the rock!

Don’t underestimate the amount of optimism and self-belief that you’re going to need to build your start-up. While it might appear that everything you are working on right now may not see results today or may not see results tomorrow, this start-up is YOUR purpose, the ONE idea that you’re committed to doing – day in and day out. And the reason to wake in the morning – spending all your time and money, energy, and vibration – even if it’s not feeding you today! Your start-up will provide for you and your family.

DO NOT GIVE UP – no matter what! Whether you are building a new start-up, writing a book, working on a song, or working on your mind or the body – The belief that you will make it happen is the key to staying motivated.

The belief in your future results is essential and what you’re doing – even if you haven’t figured out exactly how to break through the walls, you know you’re going to figure it out because you’re putting in the daily grind, the work the hustle and the time required.

And trust me when I tell you that, when you consistently hit that rock with a hammer, even if it doesn’t feel like it’s going to crack – I guarantee you one day you’re going to hit it, and it’s going to break, and the trick is to keep going and hitting it every single day, no matter what!


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