If you don’t knock on the doors, how is it going to open?

So many of you hesitate to make the first move.

You might be afraid of rejection or failure.

You might be lacking confidence due to past experiences.

You might not even feel ready for the opportunity – if the door actually opens.

I confess I was just like this. 

The turning point happened when my hesitation and procrastination almost ruined my life!  I was more worried about the rejection than the opportunities. 

When we were starting Schoolio, I was shy and didn’t want to reach out to parents and teachers about our company – “what if they hate it or didn’t think it was good enough?” But I found the courage to do it any ways. I convinced myself to make the calls and turning into a game of rejections. “How many NOs can I get every day?”

The first week, my typical pitch will end with, either – “no one will buy curriculum, they send the kids to school?” or “this is a pandemic issue, nothing is wrong with education, this business will die once COVID is gone”

I didn’t lose heart because, in-between the doubters, I found some believers. Parents and teachers who saw my vision – understood the problem and opportunity for Schoolio.

The lesson here to focus on your purpose and know that the doubters are as important to the formula as your supporters. Get out there ..

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