How To Push Past Your Fears?

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Do fear and anxiety keep you from dealing with unavoidable situations and emotions? These expert tips will help you overcome a paralyzing pattern of behaviour. No one can do it alone and everything you accomplish in life is on the shoulders of someone else.

This is how the world works and the sooner you understand that to become successful, you need to focus on making others other you, others working with you find their success.

5 Steps to Overcome Fear

Step 1: Accept It. PHIL: Fear never goes away. …

Step 2: Identify It. BARRY: To leverage fear into courage, you have to be honest with yourself every time you’re afraid. …

Step 3: Feel It. …

Step 4: Face It. …

Step 5: Practice It.

It is not only about money for other people, but you also have to find out what is their purpose is to join you. Perhaps the most important coping tool is to be kind to yourself. What advice would you give to a best friend about those negative inner voices that whisper: Be afraid. Don’t try anything new? Do as you advise others—don’t listen to the negativity; be your own best friend.



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