How To Build Your Mobile App In 30 Days With No Code – Day 1 – Overview


I am starting on a new 30-day challenge to build and launch an app. If you found this page, you might be looking to do the same and I hope my journey can help you.

Why Am I Doing This,

  1. We have another stupid COVID virus and it’s got me going nuts at home
  2. With DESIFEST not happening, I need another creative outlet
  3. I can’t vlog, since is am always home! 

The other reasons include,

  1. Showing non-technical founders that you can build a working MVP with very little investment
  2. I need a task management tool that works for my ADHD – using the typical structure apps do not work for me (more to come when we talk about the business problem and market fit)

Other rules to keep me focused,

  1. I need to commit to no less than 1hr per day
  2. I can’t outsource any part of this work
  3. Has to be kid-friendly 

Now the most important part – naming my app! I picked MaFauFau as the name! MaFauFau means Brain in Somoan

The Tool

After researching a variety of no-code tools, I selected to work with > Adalo

Another resource you can look at include,

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