If you can’t sell, you can’t build a business. Yes, you heard the right.

There are so many skills an entrepreneur has to carry to the table. Entrepreneurs have to be dynamic, they have to be leaders, they have to be visionaries, and they have to have a game plan on how to inspire people to work and build an incredible startup.

But I meet so many entrepreneurs who start with the sentence “I can’t sell; I’m not a salesperson.”

Is Selling that Important?

So you want to process an idea to build a business around it. Understood.

But, how are you going to create a fortune out of it? Let’s forget about earnings; how are you even going to raise funds?

Now again, to raise funds, you need to sell your idea to the investors. It means that you can’t hate selling if you want to run a successful business.

Good Sales – Successful Entrepreneurs

You can’t establish a successful business without learning the art of selling. As an entrepreneur, you are constantly selling. You are selling your vision, selling to new employees; you are selling to potential investors. As an entrepreneur, you are selling what you’re doing to the world. You need to convey to the audience how your business provides the best solution to the problem and how capable your business is in solving a practical problem.

There is such a bad reputation for salespeople, and selling is considered one of the lowest forms of work. When thinking about selling, New Entrepreneurs immediately envision a salesperson sitting in a call center or a sleazy car salesperson who wants to push another car to the customer, but that’s not the case.


“Selling or the art of selling it’s about having clarity, conviction, and the confidence to be able to talk about your ideas, and the result of the sale is not necessarily just money. The outcome of selling could mean opening new doors to grow your business. It could be a new tribe or culture that you are attracting, and more importantly and possibly the best result, it could mean adding new investors to your startup.

So if you’re new to the startup game and you are a new entrepreneur – being able to sell is one of the greatest skills you have to continue to work on.



The first thing that you should work on is your art of storytelling. When I started my company spider design way back in 1999, I realized that before customers bought my product, they wanted to buy my story, who am I, and why am I doing this – how can I help them?

While I was really good technically and explained to the potential customers about the benefits of websites and technology for their business, they were curious and more interested in building an emotional connection with my story before purchasing my service that can help.

I went looking for mentors and started to read self-help books. Self-help authors are incredible storytellers! They know how to weave pain and pleasure into a narrative, and they have great analogies! They’re really good at creating clarity around some emotions. Selling is the trading of emotional benefits.


One of the best ways to learn, practice, and acquire good selling skills, and what I chose is to go to networking events.  I used to do it very often to practice more and to get comfortable around strangers.

I learned how to be confident with small talks throughout my practice period and soon felt comfortable approaching new people at events.


Listening more than you speak counts as the best behavior when you are out to sell products or services. If you pay attention to what they are interested in and what you are trying to do, it becomes easier for you to build a link with their needs into a story.

In our recent investment round at Schoolio, I started with the normal vision, clarity, and purposeful conversation. We were halfway through it, and our investor went into a deep conversation about his experience while studying in class and his vision of where education should be.

I spent the next thirty minutes explaining to him how we are aligned in our vision, and I was no longer talking about the general pitch. We connected the dots between our visions and gave him the confidence to invest in us.


So don’t be afraid of selling. Don’t be afraid to be labeled a salesperson. Understand that selling is an art of storytelling, and every great CEO you admire today has scaled success because they are incredible storytellers.

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