Happiness is hidden in your daily growth!

Material things are not the way to happiness. You can chase the big house, cars, lots of bling and whatever your heart desires, but once the short-term excitement and dopamine fades away, I guarantee you that you will be left with emptiness again. I have lived that moment. Because I believe happiness naturally occurs when you can wake up every morning with a purpose.

And the reason purpose is essential is that when you start your day with purpose, you can track your daily progress, and that is the secret to happiness! You find happiness when you are progressing! Purpose equals progress. Progress equals happiness.

And in case you haven’t connected the dots when purpose creates progress, you are growing. If you’re not growing, you’re dying. If your relationships are not growing, it is dying. if your business is not growing and is static, it is dying. It’s either growing, or it’s dying.

So, to be in a continual growth state of mind that is focused on measurable progress, you need to crave learning, to be curious and never stop being a student of life.

Your mindset must be this way – You are a learning machine because you live in a world where technology is changing so quickly, and you have to stay ahead, which creates happiness when you are growing and progressing.


So find time to read, to start a new hobby, to seek new mentors and to ask yourself every single day, “what more can I learn today that can help me grow for tomorrow.”

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