I wanted to write every day in April, and I was on an incredible streak! I didn’t miss a day until Thursday, April 22nd. The day started like any other day, except it felt different. I have been watching the news, especially the impact of COVID-19 in India. I felt the energy draining from me, and my ordinarily optimistic view of the world got darker.

I didn’t find any motivation to write Thursday night nor Friday night. Saturday was more of the same – a feeling of hopelessness. Fellow Indians – fellow humans are fighting for oxygen. The most basic of our needs – oxygen for breathing. I wouldn’t wish this on the worst of my enemies.

“Get back on the horse,” said my old basketball coach. Streaks won’t last – big audacious goals are meant to be scary, and along the way, you will lose momentum and faith. The game of basketball has taught me many life lessons and no matter how many shots or layups I miss, I will do it again. I believe I will make the next shot – every time!

“Get back on the horse,” – his voice was getting louder in my head. 

As a serial entrepreneur, learning how to pick myself up and continue pushing forward took a long time for me to learn. It is a skill you can ONLY learn from failing. No ONE can teach you how to stand up and get back on the horse.

So, I had to find my reason to write again. When surrounded by chaos, finding the ONE thing that you can control is a great starting point. For me, daily writing is an outlet for my thoughts. It is a way to document my approach to life and business. I decided to write about India and my sadness. Get it out of my head and into the blog. Free myself from the pain.

I also got two emails from strangers this weekend who read one of my blogs – their message reminded me of my WHY. Another checkmark to keep going.

If you feel like you fell off your horse, let my voice remind and urge you to ‘get back on the horse’. We all fall off at one point – it is ok! We are human, and it is part of life!

Get back on the horse. 

I am back to writing. 

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