There’s a formula they don’t teach you in school. It’s about how your feelings and your thoughts, and your behavior are connected. You see, your feelings aren’t your choice, and you don’t really know how to control them. There are mornings when I get up, and I’m just not feeling like I want to do anything. I don’t want to check my emails, or I don’t want to jump on my phone calls, and frankly, I don’t even want to get out of bed some days!

“Do it anyway,” I tell myself.

That simple sentence of “do it anyway” is how I push past my feelings. Since my feelings are creating my thoughts, and my thoughts lead to my choices, if I can control my thoughts, then my choices are also under my control.

The Perfect Morning Routine Exists –

You must have heard that morning feels beautiful with coffee. But let’s leave such mornings for poets and focus on building an energetic routine that leads to more productive days.

Continue reading to find what all things combine to make a perfect morning routine –

Start the Day with Exercises

Having exercises on your morning schedule everyday kick starts powerful and energetic days that are more productive, and you stay high on energy throughout the day. Exercising every day has a direct relation with your efficiency and induces better functioning of your brain. It is because, during exercise, your body inhales reasonable amounts of oxygen that makes your body cells keep you powered.

After spending a sufficient amount of time doing moderate exercises, add on some stretching to your schedule. It keeps you in a good posture that aids the issues arising due to the prolonged sitting hours.

Now that you’re done with the exercise, you need to get your body relaxed to return to its normal state. Taking a cold shower is the best thing to relax your body. This way, you can give the best start to your day, and if you maintain consistency, you craft a good, healthy, and active life.

Be Purposeful

The biggest reason people can’t wake up early in the morning is that they don’t have a purpose. I am pretty sure you can relate to it. When you have a purpose for the next day, you’d be sleeping with the thought of working on it, which boosts your thoughts to think about waking up early in the morning.

Writing down your tasks on a paper for the next day prepares you to work highly efficiently and end the sleepy routine of snoozing the alarm.

Spare Some Time for Yourself

What’s the first thing that you do when you wake up? Let me guess. If I’m not wrong, you reach out to your phone and start scrolling through social media for no good reason.

Dedicating the mornings to yourself is an excellent way to transform your routine. Doing some meditation and planning the whole day influences your life in a much positive manner. Stop entertaining the social media issues early in the morning and decide to live a life dedicated to growth and happiness.

Be More Passionate

Identifying your passion is how you can create a difference. When you are passionate about what you do, you are ready to stretch some more effort in crafting the best results.

Passion fuels your professional career, and you drive smoothly through all the obstacles and challenges to reach the levels of success you want to be at.

Challenge Yourself

Well, there is always that one project that you’re afraid to bring to your desk, and you keep on delaying it. Honestly, it doesn’t count as a good work ethic, and you lose to attain the sound levels of professionalism.

Face it as soon as you start working and be the conqueror that rose despite being put in extreme conditions. When you finish the task or project you were afraid of even starting, it develops a sense of achievement and boosts confidence.


If you’re tired and you tell yourself, do it anyway, and you get up and get to the gym, you always feel better right after the workout.

If you are annoyed with your spouse or business partner and feel hurt, you tell yourself to be nice anyway, and it changes your demeanor. It keeps you positive, and you end up working through the issues and come out on the other side more connected.

Understand the formula!

While you don’t have a choice on how you feel, you always have a choice on the thoughts you want to let into your mind, and you always have a choice on the actions you want to take.

That is how you WIN the day!

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