I woke up feeling disconnected.

Ever get that feeling – where something feels off?

When I feel overwhelmed with everything I am doing and moving at a fast pace, my grounding gets misaligned. What is grounding? It is the belief in something higher than what you can see or imagine – trust in the bigger process that is guiding you. Some call it GOD, others the ‘Universive’ and for me, it’s FAITH.

Faith that the decisions I am making are aligned to my belief in being a good person, helping others and leaving behind a legacy worthy of my time on earth. I was feeling off today and while on YouTube, I came across a clip of Steve Harvey and his go-forward moment story.

Everybody has a turn back moment, it’s the moment you can either go forward or give everything up. There’s one guarantee if you give up it will never happen. Faith is everything, God is always on time, he’s never too late.

His story is in every one of us. All of us at some point have started down the fork in the road and wondered which path should? – To continue in faith or stop and give up. If you are at this crossroad and you are reading this blog – you need to watch the video.



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