Do the hard thing first

If you eat a live frog, first thing in the morning, nothing worse can happen to you for the rest of the day. ?

It’s a quote by Mark Twain and something I’ve always remembered.

When we do the hardest things first, the rest just becomes much simpler for the brain to comprehend.

See, the point of our brain is to make sure that we avoid pain at all costs.

Anytime you hit a point of resistance to push through, you need a bigger belief system because, by default, our brain is wired to protect us.

Our brains want us to not have any pain. It wants us to be comfortable. It doesn’t want us to do anything hard. ?

I start every morning by making a list of things that are the hardest things that I hate working on. For example, a workout is something I start every single day with because it’s the thing I don’t want to do the most. I hate working out. I hate cardio and the more I wait till later in the day, the more I don’t actually end up doing it.

Then I go through all of the other things in my day that I absolutely hate doing like accounting, finance, reviewing all of the work effort from all the teams submitted.

I know if I do that first thing and I make it a discipline from 5:00 AM to 7:00 AM to get all of that hard stuff done. The rest of the day is easy. The rest of the day, I get to fill it up with things that I enjoy. Marketing, sales, connecting with friends, building a network.

A lot of people hold off on difficult things and that’s why they become difficult.

But if you wake up in the morning, attack them head-on, I guarantee you the rest of the day becomes easy.

So think about what you’re doing with your first thing in the morning routine.

Are you doing the easy work or are you doing the difficult work? Because when you start doing the difficult work, that’s when life actually gets easier.

Now, take out a sticky and write this down. ✍️

Hard things lead to an easy life. Easy things, lead to a hard life.

Put that up somewhere where you can see it every single morning. ?

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