Be selfish when chasing your dreams!

Being selfish is ok – don’t feel sorry about your choices to work on your startup. The pressure to seek approval for chasing your dreams from your family or friends can cripple many founders even before they get started!

This is especially true for first-time founders who are venturing into the startup life much later in their career – when you have an established routine and lifestyle; it is harder to be selfish with your time and attention.

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages, many jobs are lost, and more employees are entering the startup world as their only option. Starting a new venture is the most selfish thing you can do – and you have to be ok with it the lifestyle and choices.

You have to be selfish about:

  1. Your time – you will be spending countless hours working on your business without looking at the clock
  2. Your focus – most startups fail in the first 12 months due to a lack of focus from the founder(s)
  3. The pain of change – you have to change, and sometimes, people around you might not like your changes.
  4. Ignoring the opinions of others – you have to stop caring about the advice of other you respect. They are NOT in your shoes.
  5. Your money – you will be spending more to earn – building equity in your brand, and not everyone will understand

You will need to be ok with it,

  1. Limiting time with family – some days you can’t be the family person, and you can’t feel bad about it.
  2. Limiting time with friends – you have to say no to weekend trips and hangouts – hopefully, they will understand and invite you again.
  3. Spending any free hours on self-improvement – reading, learning and attending conferences become more important to you
  4. Ignoring ‘advice’ that is counter to your beliefs – everyone will have an opinion on what to do, how to do it – know when to listen
  5. Listening to you – knowing it is going to be hard for the world to understand your motives – trust your intuition

If you are NOT ready to be selfish, don’t start. 

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