A little belief can go a long way for entrepreneurs!

Believe in your friend, believe in your partner, believe in your son, believe in your daughter because they are capable of doing it. ⭐⁠

This message is for the people whose friends are dreamers full of passion, pursuing their own destiny. ⁠

Friends who push out the rule book and are dreaming of changing the world. Who want to build incredible brands and support and impact millions of people. ?⁠

Let me share something from firsthand experience.⁠

More than money, likes on social media, shares… What we really crave and what fuels us is belief. ?⁠

The unconditional belief that the vision and mission we’re on is good.⁠

What we sometimes need is just a little bit of encouragement. An occasional text message or a phone call.⁠

Encourage someone and tell them what they’re doing is great and to keep going. ⁠

Building a business out of passion is hard. There’s no blueprint for this in schools.⁠

Even if you don’t quite understand what your friend is doing and what’s around the corner for them or you don’t see the impact they believe they can achieve in the next 10 years, still believe in your friend.⁠

That small belief system goes a long way in moments of doubt. Because days of discomfort, nights full of questioning and insecurity will come. No amount of money and things can help except belief⁠

DM someone now or give them a call and tell them how much you’re proud of them and believe in what they’re doing. ⁠

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