Are you looking for a hands-on, proven coach to help you launch and scale your startup? Learn more about my journey, sucesses and my unique founders playbook that has helped CEOs globally find clarity, market-fit and revenue growth in their startups.

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Let's develop a customized 90 day plan for you Startup Goals

Market Fit

Finding product-market fit is the hardest step for new founders. Getting this wrong can be costly and frustrating. My model helps to focus on your key target and path to revenue.


Online is a crowded space and choosing the right mix of content, creative, messaging and platform is crucial to validating your startup. My model focus on starting simple, low investment, A/B testing and data driven. Before profit, you need to focus on validating revenue.


Pre-Seed, Seed? Valuation? Debt financing or angel round? Rasing money can be frustrating and challenging for first-time CEOs. As an investor in early-stage startups, I can help evaluate your investment rediness.

Product Development

Twenty-five years of product development for Fortune 500 clients, including NBA and GM, means I help to bring your vision to market. My network of global software developers, designers and engineers can help you get your minimum viable product to customers within 90 days.

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I have helped clients across multiple categories, company size and geography

Sathish's energy, hustle, and drive are inspiring. His strategic approach to business is evident in the success of Desifest (along with his previous ventures), and now the rise of Schoolio. His advice on a recent venture has helped me gain clarity and direction. He was generous with his time and willing to listen and provide feedback.

The definition of an amazing serial entrepreneur! Sathish has been a mentor and friend to me through a lot of interesting pivots in life. As a business owner, you have to know someone who actually is who they claim to be, and I'm grateful, that person for me has been Sathish. Not only is he a brilliant business man, but a genuine person who wants to help businesses succeed.

Since starting my new company, May Contain, Sathish and Bala Group have provided nonstop support for myself and our team. Through connecting us with his network, we've received legal advice, employee candidates, and a wealth of knowledge. Starting our web platform with Sathish's reliable web development experience and advice has helped put us in a position to launch.

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